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Online Casino Start-up

Is that legal to conduct online casino business?
It is absolutely legal if you have a gambling license.

What do I need to run an online casino? 
To start an online casino business you need professional casino software, a gambling license, a merchant account, and a dedicated server. Online casino software solutions produced by Viaden can help you meet the first requirement.

Why do I need a gambling license? 
Gambling licensing is a prerequisite step for starting an online casino. You need it to conduct legal casino business operations and to open a merchant account to make payment actions. The actual license to operate an Internet casino is issued by many governments worldwide, the first coming from the Caribbean and Pacific Island Governments such as Antigua and Barbuda, the Isle of Man, Malta, Netherlands Antilles, United Kingdom, Gibraltar a number of others. For more information, please, visit our gambling license page.

What is the best jurisdiction offering online gambling licensing?
All jurisdictions have both pros and cons ranging from ill-structure and bad regulation vs good pricing policy as in Costa Rica to the best infrastructure vs tough licensing conditions and expensiveness as in the UK. We would suggest the Isle of Man as the best option to get a license. The jurisdiction boasts the best reputation and world recognition among all white-label jurisdictions.

How long does it take to set up and maintain an online casino based on your software solutions? 
The approximate time of an online casino set up and release to the World Wide Web can be approximately estimated as 1-2 months, in accordance with your specific demands and requirements.

Online Casino Set Up Questions:
What are the minimum hardware requirements to the server?
processor - 2,8 GigaHz Processor (multiprocessor configurations are acceptable):
Pentium 4 3GHz, L2 cache 1024KB ECC, FSB 800MHz
AMD Opteron 248 (2.2GHz)
main memory (RAM) — 2Gb ECC
motherboard — providing till 4Gb memory, USB-2.0, Firewire (IEEE 1394), and at least: one PCI-Express X4 slot, twoPCI–X64-bit/66~100MHz slots, two PCI 32bit/33MHz slots.
any graphic adapter (can be integrated into motherboard).
SCSI controller — SCSI-3 RAID-1 controller
HDD — two discs (to build RAID-1 mirror) HDD SCSI-3 20Gb
network card — 100Mb, can be integrated into motherboard.; RXCSUM, TXCSUM options and AFT (Adapter Fault Tolerance), ALB (Adaptive Load Balancing) technologies supporting is desirable. Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet is recommended.

If we purchase your platform can we run it on our servers? 
Yes, of course. You can choose any server to run your casino.

Which technology do you use?
Server – C++ Server, database - MySQL, client - Flash, transport – xml

Is your software available in Mobile versions?
Yes, our software can be played via iPnone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Can your casino solutions be used in land-based casinos?
Yes, our software can be installed to casino machines in land-based casinos.

Do you offer CasinoCafe option?
Yes, you can create an Internet café with our software.

Can I adjust the payout percent?
No, you can’t. All of our games have 95-98% of payouts on the long run, as calculated.

Should I make my online casino design myself after purchasing the software from Viaden?
No, apart from the progressive software solutions, Viaden provides you with an option of your online casino design. You will spend only little effort to start a uniquely designed customized online casino website.

How long does it take to start a fully functional online casino website from the very beginning?
It takes us less than 6 weeks to set up and launch a fully scaled and functional online casino tailored to the requirements of our clients. Sometimes it can take a bit longer, because of the designing process. We offer a great variety of design revisions, thus, enhancing their tuning to address every need of our clients. We will keep improving the design until we receive the customer’s final approve.

Are your casino games flash supported or have a downloadable format?
The games provided to you by Viaden are non-downloadable Flash games.

Can I order maintenance and support from Viaden?
Yes, you surely can. Please, contact our representatives in order to choose the most suitable maintenance and support package for you. We provide a wide range of support services to our customers.


Viaden Online Casino Peculiarities Questions:

Is your system fair?
Yes, our system is 100% fair. We have certificates of integrity issued by iTech Labs and TST, which ensures complete fairness of our software. Moreover, we are a member of RGA, which proves our full compliance with responsible and fair gambling principles.

What is included into your online casino solutions package?
Our online casino package includes the solutions themselves, unique website design, and the admin area set up and design.

What is the maximum number of players who can simultaneously play at my online casino?
The software was tested on 1500 simultaneous players and the system functioned smoothly and correctly.

What payment systems can be added to my casino payment methods?
You can add any payment systems to your online casino. Every payment method is supported by Viaden software.

What languages do you support? 
Our software is delivered in English by default. Other languages are available with no extra charges, provided they are binary.


Viaden Mobile Online Casino Peculiarities Questions:

On which mobile platform can I use your online mobile casino?
Our mobile casino is available on iOS and in HTML 5-based version. We are currently working on Mobile casino solution for Android and are planning to further expand our mobile gaming platform.

Is there any differences in online casino functioning on iOS3 and iOS4 versions?
Yes, there are some. Full-featured functionality of our mobile casino is available on iOS4 and higher. iOS3 allows for full support of our mobile casino graphics and design, however, it doesn’t allow for sound reproducing. This is the only disadvantage of running our mobile games on iOS3.

Is your mobile casino option of playing for real money available in all currencies?
No, our ‘play-for-real’ features is only available for UK players and supports GBP only.

If I acquire your mobile casino solution on the enterprise account basis, are there any limitations in usage?
Yes, our online mobile casino enterprise account allows you to use online casino for a limited number of mobile devices.

Do I have to create an additional account to play in your mobile casino?
No, you can use your account details from a PC-based online casino to play at your mobile device.


General Issues:

Do I have an opportunity to see a demo of your products? 
Yes, demonstration of our products is available. To arrange a demonstration meeting, please, contact our representative to schedule the time when you can test it.

Do you plan to release more casino games solutions? 
Yes, Viaden is constantly developing new games to provide it's customers with the most varied and engaging content on the market.

Will I receive full and sole control over the casino website?
Yes, you will. You are the only one enabled to change owner, administrative, technical, billing contacts, etc. No third party will have control over your online casino.

Are there any ongoing fees once we have licensed your product? If so what are they and how often do we have to pay them? 
Those are only license fees. Their amount and frequency depend on jurisdiction.

Can I use PayPal to perform money transaction operations?
Yes, you can. PayPal is now working with gambling websites and allows processing online gambling transactions.

What is your recommended merchant transaction company? 
You can use Neteller, Moneybookers, SafeCharges, PayPal, WebMoney, Direct Banking, Plug’nPay or Click&Buy.

Can you provide us with an example of architecture and numbers of an existing (on-line) system based on your solution? 
We have more than 10 working systems right now. Among our clients are the industry leaders such as William Hill, Paddy Power and Marathon. To view our clients’ information visit Our Clients page.

Can I add an affiliate program to my casino website?
Yes, you surely can. Please contact our representatives in charge of affiliate programs to get more information.

Can you give a rough estimate of profits from running online casino business?
It is hard to make even a rough estimate of the profits from an online casino. It in many ways depends on the effectiveness of your marketing tools and online promotion campaign. Anyway, the online gambling industry earns more than $328.5 billion annually and is expected to reach $528 billion by 2015. Your own percent from this total profit will depend on you and your promotion efforts. In our turn we guarantee that our services will enable you provide the best online casino services.

Online Poker Start up Questions:

Is that legal to conduct online casino business?
If you have acquired an online gambling license, it is legal for you to run an online poker business.

What do I need to start an online poker site? 
If you are planning to start an online poker website that provides gaming for money, but not only free roll tournaments, you should acquire a gambling license and a merchant as well as employ a dedicated server.

Do I need a gambling license to start online poker room? 
Yes, a gambling license is required to legally run online poker.

Why do I need a gambling license? 
Gambling licensing is a prerequisite step before starting an online poker website. You need it to conduct legal poker business operations and to open a merchant account to process gambling money. The actual license to operate an Internet casino is issued by many governments worldwide, the first coming from the Caribbean and Pacific Island Governments such as Antigua and Barbuda, the Isle of Man, Malta, Netherlands Antilles, United Kingdom, Gibraltar a number of others. For more information, please, visit our gambling license page.

How long does it take to design an online poker site with your software? 
The approximate time estimated for setting up and maintaining an online poker website built on our poker solutions software is 6 weeks.

Online Poker Set up Questions:

What are the minimal server requirements to run online poker software?

  • Hardware requirements:
    2,8 GigaHz Processor (multiprocessing system is desired)
    RAM more than 4GB? for 64 bits system
    HDD more than 400GB
    Internet channel 1000 Mbit/second and more (for 1000 users at the same time)
  • Software requirements:
    Operating system: Linux (Debian)
    Java JRE/JDK 
    1.5 ?MySql 5.0
    Php 5.x
    Apache 2.x (+mod rewrite)
    libphp5-mysql (connector)

Is there any bottleneck in the system regarding scalability?
The main bottleneck is the server. If you wish to have a larger number of clients, you need to add more servers.

How can I manage my poker room processes and control transactions?
One of the integral parts of our poker room solution is the administration panel. It provides you with an access to all system processes, including all user transactions, profiles, hands played, marketing reports, etc. Contact Us to schedule a demo.
Is your poker client downloadable?
We offer both types of poker client: downloadable client-server application and non-downloadable web application. You can choose either of them or order both for additional price.

Can your poker be integrated with Facebook?
Yes, we have a separate Social Poker solution, designed especially for social networks participants. The solution boasts all features for effective socializing.

Do I need to make my online poker design with my own forces?
No, apart from the progressive software solutions, Viaden provides you with an option of your online casino design. You will spend only little effort to start a fully customized, uniquely designed online casino website.

How much time does it take to set up a poker room from scratch to full-scale functioning?
It usually takes less than a month to set up a fully functional poker room and make all the necessary adjustments and customization. The only thing that can slow down the process is the design. We offer a great variety of design revisions to meet any requirements. We will work until the design totally satisfies our customer.

Will I receive any guarantees we’ve purchased a working fully functional product?
Upon prepayment we set up the software on our server for you to test, after you are convinced it works correctly you pay the rest and we initiate the move to your server. Moreover, before the work on your project starts we will sign several legal documents, including agreement, request for software designing, etc. After the project is fulfilled you sign a special act of the work done. It is important to highlight that we are members of High Technologies Park of Belarus and International Chamber of Commerce, which guarantees high quality of the solution delivery and accounts for the large number of documents to sign.

Do your offer maintenance and support?
Yes, our support and maintenance services are included into the solution package. We charge 10% from your monthly profit and offer the following services:

  • Diagnosis and bug fixing
  • Day-to-day system operation support
  • Regular system functioning audit
  • Technical consultations
  • Urgent works for efficiency restoration
  • Security audit
  • Other activities for guaranteeing trouble-free continuous system operation
  • Regular system updates


Viaden Online Poker Peculiarities Questions:

What does your online poker mainly constitutes of?
Our online poker solution is a system of four main integral parts:
- Poker-client – a client program based on Macromedia Flash that is realized in a window interface;
- Poker-server – a Java-based server program that operates on a hosting computer. It is available via the Internet for the poker-client;
- System web-site built on PHP, serving mainly for informative functions;
- The administration area – embedded system to perform the poker management operations.

Can US citizens use the services of a poker room built on your software solution?
No, it is rooted in our policy to prevent US citizens from using the services of an online poker room, built on our software. Such principle is conditioned by the US legislation, forbidding online gambling.

What do you offer under the online poker solution?
Our online poker package includes poker software and admin area setting up as well as unique design creating.

Is the system scalable up to tens-of-thousands concurrent users (eg 50.000)?
Yes, the system is scalable (through clustering of servers).

What payment systems can be added into Viaden poker software?
You can use any payment method or all payment systems, according to your demands.

Can I use MacBook to use your poker solutions?
Yes, you can. But to play the poker games produced by Viaden you should install a virtual Windows OS on your MacBook.

May we have a company logo on a poker table?
Yes, of course. The logo design features depend totally on your requirements and objectives.

What kind of poker tournaments are available in Viaden Media poker software?
Our software supports the Sit&Go and Multitable poker tournaments.

What type of security measures does your program employ to ensure there is no way to cheat the system? 
All the information is encrypted. It is not possible to play from the same IP address, with the same login info on different computers. We constantly conduct our security system monitoring and control to make sure it protects all the critical data as well as our customers’ personal information. Besides, within ensuring security measures we have adjusted and checked our back up data system.

Does your software support multiple languages?
Our software is delivered at only one language by default, nevertheless, the software supports multilanguage functioning. We can add any language of your choice provided it is binary. No additional charges are required.

Do you provide any online marketing and promotion services?
Yes, Viaden offers a range of SEO and SEM services for initial promotion of your poker website in the Net. Our services include various online promotion activities, including onsite SEO and PPC. More information about our online promotion services you can find at our services page.

What is Social Poker?
Basically, Social Poker is a poker solution featuring enhanced socializing functionality such as inviting friends, sharing your achievements with friends, sending gifts, etc. Besides, in social poker solution there’s a special Public area where all player achievements are displayed. A player’s profile can be customized by selecting the preferred avatar and adding various personal information.

Can I play social poker for real money?
No, social poker is not available for real money. While playing social poker, users can receive chips and gold as alternative currency. As the game proceeds a player advances his level and reaches new achievements for which he is granted a specified amount of chips or gold.


General Issues:

Do I have an opportunity to see a demo of your products? 
Yes, sure. To arrange a demonstration meeting, please, contact our representative to schedule the time when you can test it.

Will Viaden release software solutions for more poker types?
Yes, we are planning to extend our poker solution and release other online poker games.

Do you have any training programs to learn more about using your product? 
The software we offer is unprecedentedly user-friendly, that is why we do not offer any training. Nevertheless, our business approach presupposes tight communication between our company and our clients, thus any question about our software utilizing will be answered promptly and comprehensively.

What is the most popular poker type?
Texas Holdem can be named as the most popular type of online poker games.

Is online poker safe? 
Yes, it is completely safe. People distrust the Internet and don’t like giving a website their banking information or other personal information due to the high increase in identity theft and other similar crimes. However, the majority of online poker sites is incredibly safe and uses the same type of security software that online banks use. Moreover, our development activities are certified by McAffe, which proves the services to be delivered with full security guarantee.

If you faced any issue not covered in our ‘FAQ’ section and are willing to clarify some points, feel free to contact us.

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