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Despite that fact that obtaining a gambling license is a complex process involving research and certification, all reputable casinos possess an online gambling license.

Online Gambling Licensing in Costa Rica

The Central American country of Costa Rica has always been famous for its tolerant governmental system, a decent telecommunications infrastructure and a growing diversity of goods and services. But the question of online gambling legislation in Costa Rica is one of the most disputable, though the country is considered to be the one with the most popular gaming jurisdictions.

Costa Rica has become a home jurisdiction for more than 200 online gambling companies, without a legislation specifically dealing with online gambling.

There is legislation to restrict land-based gambling, but according to the legal system of Costa Rica these laws do not apply to Internet gambling. As no specific license is required, all gambling corporations work under a “data processing license” which must be obtained in the Municipality (City hall).

To obtain any license in Costa Rica the corporation must have a physical office in Costa Rica. You can refer to the local authorized consultants for assistance in your obtaining the license. They will open a physical place in the name of the corporation, register the corporation and obtain the permitions in all governmental bodies, and fulfill any other specific requirement according to the zone where the physical place is going to be open.

Once this procedure is completed, they obtain the legal “data processing license” in the name of your corporation, so you as a client is sure to have no obstacles in developing and your business.

Regarding internet betting legislation in Costa Rica, the local government issues licenses to companies that offer gambling services online to non-local internet gamblers.

In September 2007, the Partido Accion Ciudadana introduced a bill that would tax sports books and other electronic betting operations based on the number of employees on their payroll. The annual tax begins at firms with 10 employees with a fee of 10 million colons a year and reaches the top of the scale with a tax of 28.4 million colons for companies with more than 61 employees.

Not long ago government has introduced a new law for obtaining an online gaming license. The new license clearly states “internet gaming” as the licensed business activity. It takes 1-2 months to process the license and have it registered.

The cost for the Costa Rican corporation and license is $15,000 compared to €60,000 -€100,000 to in many other countries. Once you have the license, it is €1000 or $1,500 every three months to keep it active.

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