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iGaming Market Tendencies

iGaming has shown persistent growth over the past few years and is expected to continue in the same trend. 51% of the world's population take part in some form of gambling every year, thus signifying obvious financial benefits for online gambling websites. With the expansion of the online gambling industry, players have come to expect only the highest quality of online gambling facilities. New features and regular system updates are needed to maintain your online gambling website to stay ahead in the market.

Online gambling is composed of three main market players:

  • Software vendors (e.g. Viaden Gaming);
  • Online gambling business operators;
  • End customers (or players).

Since 2003, the market has grown by an annual average of 23%. The games that dominate are wagering, casino and poker. Online gaming is becoming more popular and its growth is driven by factors such as Internet penetration, new markets opening due to regulation and new player groups. Since 2004, women's share of Internet users between the ages of 16 and 74 in Europe has increased by more than 80%, while the same age group for men has seen an increase of 60%. Online gaming used to attract mainly younger men, but these days it is becoming increasingly popular amongst women and older age groups.

New Groups of Players

Different types of players have different preferences and reasons for playing. Most people play for entertainment, some play to win money and others play for relaxation. Whatever the reason, it is vital that gaming operators and developers are attentive to the various preferences of the players. The range of ages among players is also becoming greater as Internet penetration continues to expand in our society and interest in online gaming increases. The traditional image of a player, a man aged between 25 and 35, is becoming much less predominant. According to research carried out by GP Bullhound, it is expected that 43% of all online players in 2009 will be women. Women players used to show a preference for various kinds of bingo games but are increasingly playing in other gaming segments. Surveys indicate that men and women have different gaming behaviour. Women generally play for longer but at lower stakes, while men play more frequently at higher stakes but shorter sessions. Men generally play for excitement and women for relaxation. One reason why the bingo segment is experiencing strong growth is because it offers players relaxation in a social community.

The charts below indicate the gross online gaming yield globally in 2003-2012.

It is important to highlight that the most popular forms of remote gambling today are traditional casino games, wagering and poker variations. The popularity of different kinds of Internet gambling depends greatly on the gender segmentation. It is expected that Bingo games will have the largest rate of growth, because more women are getting involved in iGaming and they have clear preference for bingo.

However, at the moment online gambling is still more popular amongst men. Young men are particularly prone to gambling. However, women are just as likely as men to gamble, but they choose simpler games, such as lotteries and slot machines. The difference can be explained by the sex-role socialisation. Related betting, casino games and skills-demanding gamble games are traditionally associated with the male identity, while for women gambling usually provides relaxation rather than any thrills.

The estimated figures of the market share of different forms of remote gambling can be found in the chart below:

Revenues and Profitability

Revenues increased by USD 94.5 million to USD 300.1 million from 205.6 million in 2008, an increase of 46.0 percent. Operating profit increased to USD120.2 million from USD 87.8 million and the operating margin was 40.1 percent compared to 42.7 percent the previous year. Revenues and operating profit for the past six years are presented in the diagram below:

Online gambling has proven to be a global phenomenon. Currently, Europe appears to be the quickest expanding online gambling market. In 2009, European online gambling business operators recorded almost a 44.9% increase in the total online gaming yield.

The second largest market in the iGaming industry is North America followed by Asia and the Middle East. US legislation prohibits online gambling in most of its territory and is therefore experiencing a negative growth.

The chart below illustrates the global online market growth tendencies:

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